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Product Coaching & Consulting Services

Why hire a Product Coach?

    Product Management Coaching is important for many reasons.

  • There is no formal or established way to learn Product Management; people typically learn on the job which yields inconsistent and frustrating results.

  • There are numerous entry points to a career in Product Management making a "one size fits all" approach ineffective.

  • Product Managers rarely interact with other Product managers making learning from each other quite difficult.


(Product Manager)

"Michael is the type of leader that makes any meeting, project, or team better.  He's incredibly skilled at asking the right questions to frame the task or problem at hand correctly, and then drives the team to deliver great results.  Anything that comes from Michael or his team is high-quality and he creates an environment where the team meets or exceeds those standards consistently."


(Engineering Director)

"Michael's strategic thinking and ability to analyze data enabled him to make informed decisions that had a significant impact on our customers.  Michael's leadership and communication skills were remarkable, and he maintained an excellent collaboration culture throughout our team.  He was always available to provide guidance and support to his colleagues and team members."



"Coming from a different function (design), Michael's feedback has been truly valuable.  During the design research project, he taught me how to approach product managers' mindset with my own design knowledge."


(Sr. Product Manager)

"Michael is a great boss, listener and friend. He had a way of getting through all the extraneous noise that surrounds a project so you could focus on what really mattered in getting the product complete and shipped. I learned a lot from him and am grateful for the experience of working with him."


Bill Gates, TED Talk, April 2013

"Everyone needs a coach...we all need people who will give us feedback.  That's how we improve."
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