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My approach

Why coaching?

While there are many ways for individuals and teams to learn and hone their Product skills, coaching is consistently viewed as one of the most effective.  There are many benefits that come from Product coaching, including:

  • Context-relevant. Unlike generic training or conferences, coaching is completely relevant to the environment, context, and immediate circumstances of the Product Manager and Product Mgmt team.

  • Results. Coaching drives results by working closely with individuals and teams to gain clarity, create a plan, and execute.

  • Accountability.  Coaching has built-in accountability for the Product Manager knowing that they are expected to come prepared to each coaching session.

  • Longer time span.  Unlike a conference or a short class, coaching allows for growth and learning over an extended period of time.

  • Easier to schedule.  Rather than carving out multiple days and travel for a class or conference, coaching fits within a Product Manager’s busy and demanding schedule.

Why me?

There are many Product Management coaches to choose from and it’s vitally important to find a coach that fits your needs and approach.  What separates me from other coaches are a few key elements.

  • Experience in a wide variety of industries gives me a unique perspective and the ability to provide diverse insights to my clients’ situations.

  • Broad education background as both Business School Professor and Engineering School and Business School graduate gives me the academic foundation to support my coaching work.

  • Large company experience means I understand the challenges and complexity involved in working in layered and matrixed organizations to achieve and maintain product strategy and roadmap alignment.   

  • Coaching and management experience having worked with over 40 Product Managers ranging from product managers in their first role to seasoned product managers with over 15 years of experience.  

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