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Product Team Coaching & Transformation

Are you a Product Management Leader? Is your team pushing boundaries, thinking discontinuously, and challenging industry dogma? Is your team laser-focused on business outcomes rather than just shipping features? Do you realize that you are being judged by your weakest product manager? Are you ok with that?

As an industry outsider, I have helped many product teams find that unique perspective...that new set of insights...for their customers. Insights that can have a massive positive impact on their products and overall business success. I also help Product Teams transform the way they operate within the business - helping them transform from Feature Teams to Empowered Teams in the context of the Product Operating Model.

With my personalized individual and team coaching, I can support you with the specific challenges you and your team are facing and be that "secret weapon" you are looking for. PLUS, you get full email support in between sessions for reviewing any documents or emails to ensure you are communicating effectively.

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"I worked closely with Michael for about 1.5 years endeavoring to make some fundamental changes to the way Product Management was thought about and executed in the company. Michael was both a great counselor and had a very keen understanding of how to drive initiatives forward in large organizations. He made significant improvements to the Product Management org and really helped me become a more effective manager."

Steve (Senior Product Manager)

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