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1:1 Product Manager Coaching

Are you a Product Manager looking to improve your skills to get to that next level...maybe even looking for a promotion?

I offer personalized 1:1 weekly coaching sessions for Product Managers with all levels of experience.  During our coaching sessions, we will talk about specifics that you are dealing with in your current role as well as relevant frameworks and approaches that I have learned and used throughout my career.  PLUS, you get full email support in between sessions for reviewing any documents or emails that you want to ensure communicate effectively.  

Click here to schedule your first session FREE.  I can also help you justify the expense of future coaching sessions to your manager for reimbursement.  


"Michael is one of the people I go to for help when I’m facing a tough problem at work because he’s both wise and pragmatic. I have learned so much from Michael and would not be where I am without his support and advice. Not only is Michael great at what he does, he’s also kind and empathetic, and builds strong relationships that allow his team to be their authentic selves at work."

Laura (Product Manager)

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